5 Building Security Technologies You Must Invest In

5 Building Security Technologies You Must Invest In

5 Building Security Technologies You Must Invest In

Building security systems can mean the difference between keeping the property and the objects and people inside it safe and constant break-ins and property loss or damage. Thus, you must allot some of your resources to making sure that your building is secure at all times. These days, security systems are in place for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Make sure that you have installed these technologies for your building security:

1. Security cameras and monitoring systems

If your property has multiple entrances and exits, it pays to have more than just one CCTV camera. To avoid break-ins and other security threats, make sure to install at least one HD security camera for each entry and exit points, including the emergency exits. Invest also in a high-tech central monitoring system that operates 24/7 so that any potential risk and security breach is detected instantly and that the security personnel and the police are alerted.

2. Burglar alarms or glass break detectors

A break-in can be easily detected and halted with the help of alarm devices such as burglar alarms and glass break detectors that set off a beeping sound to alert the security staff about a possible burglar attack.

3. Motion sensors

Motion sensors are a complementary security system for glass break detectors, as they detect movements of intruders and alerts the security personnel immediately.

4. Smoke detectors and sprinklers

A fire can result in millions of dollars’ worth of damage to property. Make sure to minimize the effects of fire with ample smoke detectors and sprinklers installed all over your building facilities.

5. Biometrics system

Having a biometrics system ensures that only authorized people are allowed access inside your building premises. A cheaper alternative is a card access system, though the biometrics system offers better security.