Founded in September 2009, the Building Security Council (BSC)is a non-profit organization based in Arizona that is supported by numerous building design, management, and ownership organizations across the United States.

The BSC administers and maintains the Promoting Logical Unified Security rating system and Building Security Certified Professional (BSCP) certification program that enables building owners to evaluate and improve the security of their facilities.

Building security is a multi-faceted, complex concept that requires coordination of many different design disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, architectural (interior, exterior, and landscape, etc.), structural, technical and physical security.

As it is impossible to separate the physical requirements of the building from the other aspects of building security and still address occupant safety effectively, the BSC rating systems consider all components of building security, including the physical and personnel issues.

The BSC is a creative solution to a serious problem about building security in America. BSC represents an opportunity to substantially enhance public safety in the built environment and greatly benefit building owners, lenders, and insurers.

For questions and comments about our organization and services, feel free to send us a message at support@BuildingSecurityCouncil.org. We welcome possible partnerships and collaborations with groups that support our cause.